Weekly Trivia

Sports, Movies/TV Shows, Parsha
Event Description


  • 3 questions are sent out every week testing your knowledge of Sports, Movies/TV Shows, and Parsha.
  • Each week you can be awarded points in any of these areas as long as you’ve submitted all 3 answers. 
  • The google form with all 3 questions will be posted on Instagram, Whatsapp group chats and email lists. That is where answers will be submitted.
  • Points are tracked towards awesome prizes. Each section is counted separately (sports, movies/tv shows, and Parsha.)
  • Trivia starts with a sports season, and there are 3 winners, one for each track at the end of every season.


  • The max points one can get per week is 20 points
  • The first person to answer gets a bonus of 5 points
  • The 2-5 people to answer get a bonus of 3 points
  • The 6-10 people to answer get a bonus of 1 point
  • Every question is worth 5 points
  • Points are scored separately per category
  • One person can only win 1 prize!


  • Guess who will win an upcoming sports game (starting with football)
  • PRIZE: Jersey (any sport)


  • Take part in entertainment trivia 
  • PRIZE: $50 Amazon Gift Card


  • One question about the weekly Parsha 
  • PRIZE: $50 Towards a Sefer of your choice


  • YOU MUST ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS- or none of them count!
  • Time-sensitive- try to answer fastest. Points are worth more for the person who submitted their response first. The quicker you submit your answers the more of a chance you have of winning. First come first serve. 
  • If you get all 3 answers correct you’ll get an extra point to each track that week in addition to the points you already collected for getting the right answer, so try your best to answer carefully!
  • It will get harder as time goes on.
  • Point worth goes up as time goes on and the questions get harder
  • So if anyone starts late, they can still catch up and make up for the missed time. 

Please be advised that this class is being recorded and/or videotaped and may be used for promotional purposes. By joining this class, you confirm that you expressly allow NCSY to use your image or likeness incidental to any photograph, live video, display or other transmission or reproduction of this class, in any form for any purpose including, but not limited to, fundraising, publicity, advertising, or on social media, all without further obligation or compensation.