NCSY Achdus

NCSY ACHDUS is a tzeddakah organization started by Drew Samuelson of Columbus Ohio. ACHDUS was created when Drew was driving around on a chilly Sunday morning. He had a lot of leftover chicken from shabbos.  After about ten or so minutes, Drew came across a middle-aged man, whom happened to be homeless. He made eye contact with him and saw the pain he was going through in his eyes. His eyes were full of misery. However, that look did not last long. The misery immediately vanished with a few simple acts. Drew rolled down the window of the car, asked the man if he was hungry, and gave him the entire platter of chicken.  The man who was too focused on the feast that was just given to him jumped up in the air, did a fist pump and said the following simple words that stuck with Drew to this day, those words were as follows, “yeah! thank you, now I can go share this with my buddies.” He disappeared from sight. It was at this moment that ACHDUS was sparked. This man, who was at a very low point in his life, was still able to realize that life was not all about him. He had such good unity with his “buddies,” even though he was starving, he still split the chicken with them. The man taught Drew two valuable lessons on that day. One is that people need to be appreciative for what they have and to never take anything for granted. Two, If we are able to help someone in need, why wouldn’t we? The name ACHDUS means unity. As Jews, we are the “Am Hanivchar,” or the “chosen people.” As Jews, we have gone through many tough times, but we survived. We have two things that no other nation in the history of mankind has ever had. We have Hashem and we have each other. All Jews are brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters always have each other’s backs. We are fortunate enough to be in a warm, heated and protective home. We have more than some of the less fortunate people will ever have. Any donation is better than no donation at all. The donations will all go towards buying clothing for the homeless.


NCSY ACHDUS currently located in 

-Columbus, OH

-Pittsburgh, PA

-Cincinnati, OH

-Cleveland, OH

-Toronto, CA

-New Jersey

-New York 

There are bins at various locations in the places mentioned above. To donate, contact us at

(513) 808-1932, or drop the donations off yourself.