Leadership Boot Camp

Leadership Boot Camp (LBC) is a premier weekend event for the leaders of the NCSY communities throughout North America. Run annually at the beautiful grounds of Camp Dora Golding, more than 120 of the country’s most promising teens gather together to meet each other, create positive networks, and learn from each other how to be more productive leaders in their own communities.┬áIn Central East, we take a bus full of the most promising teens from Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit and Pittsburgh on a Thursday morning, and spend a long weekend at the camp together.

The programming for the weekend is a mixture of fun, active, and discussion based. All of the programs are either peer-led, or run by the best of NCSY staff from around the country. The programs are geared to give practical skills of leadership for each teen to learn how to adapt to themselves in their own situations back at home.

For more information, please call your local Director.