Humans of NCSY, Jakob Bolman

Posted on November 19, 2017

Jakob Bolman Senior at Beachwood High School. Cleveland Chapter President.

“At first NCSY was just a place to be with all my friends, but when I switched to public school in 10th grade it was a place for me to stay involved in Judaism and keep a connection”

“This past summer I went on NCSY’s TJJ Ambassadors Poland and it was absolutely incredible. Going to Poland was truly a life changing experience. Being able to see everything gave me a lot of perspective and finishing our trip in Israel after just witnessing the remnants of the Holocaust, I think that I truly realized what I took for granted and I took notice of how lucky we are and how fortunate we are to have a land of our own and to be Jews in America without worrying about it. 20 years ago my parents came to America because they were escaping religious persecution and there I was as an American Jew 20 years later kind of brushing away my Judaism. And now here I am. So it was so inspiring seeing my Judaism and Israel through a new lense”