Here are some of the scholarship from Pittsburgh
The Agency of Jewish Learning in Pittsburgh.
They offer $1750 to anyone going on a program that is at least 3 weeks in Israel, plus another $1000 for those who demonstrate financial need.

Another source is the Jewish Family Assistance Fund
They give $250-$500 for people who demonstrate financial need.
(412) 521-3237 (no website)

We are committed to doing everything we can to make your dream a reality. Whether it be spending this summer in Israel on one of NCSY’s many Summer Programs, or spending a year/semester in Israel before or during college. Please see below to see various scholarship opportunities for Cleveland teens. Please be in touch for personal guidance.

Scholarships Available for SUMMER in ISRAEL
1. $1500-$2000 – JECC – Need Based
For teens attending their FIRST or SECOND program in Israel (family trips don’t count as a program).

2. NCSY also offers Need and Merit Based scholarships- call for more information.

Scholarships Available for Gap Year in Israel
1. $250-$1800 – NCSY Torah Fund – Merit Based
For teens involved in NCSY (to GET involved, give us a call and we’ll work it out).

2. Your Yeshiva/Seminary/Program
Your preferred program should have scholarship available. Try speaking to them about grants, work studies, “moral loans” (loans which you can pay back over time after spending your time in Israel), or even names of alumni in America who may be interested in your case. Your program will want to know what other scholarships you’re already applying to to make sure it’s a team effort.

2. $3000-$4500 – MASA – Need Based

3. $3500 – Alisa Flatow Scholarship – Merit Based

4. $400 – Jeff Seidel Scholarship – Need Based
For teens with “minimal background”.

5. Rabbi Klatzko Scholarships
Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, National Director of College Outreach, offers airfare and tuition scholarships for students to go to Israel on various Jewish experience trips, including touring, ulpan, tzedek trips offered by many organizations. If a student is looking for a Jewish experience trip and is unsure of their options, Rabbi Klatzko will discuss it with the student and customize a trip that will meet the need and desire of each student.

In addition, Rabbi Klatzko offers scholarships to those students that have already been on a Jewish experience trip and now want to return and study in select Yeshivot or Seminaries in or around Jerusalem. The amount of the tuition scholarship depends on the need.

To apply, email Rabbi Klatzko directly at, and CC

5. Jewish Affiliation
Let us know what school/Synagogue you’re a part of. It’s possible that we can work with them to give you scholarship money!

6. Amy Adina Schulman Fund

5. 102 other Scholarships!
Peruse through lots of other available scholarship from around the Country. Good luck!