Yarchei Kallah

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Who: Intended for Jewish High School teens not in Day School.

When: December 25- 31

Cost: $899, there is financial aid if necessary, please discuss with your Chapter Director

What: Yarchei Kallah is the best – program – PERIOD! It is an opportunity for teens to meet LOTS of new people, and spend a week of their winter break having an absolute blast while also having an incredible Jewish experience! There are TWO PARTS to Yarchei Kallah…

Part I: New York City Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Monday Morning

A bus full of Jewish teens from Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, and Pittsburgh drive to NYC to check out Times Square before nightfall and stay in a beautiful hotel just outside the city.


For 2 days, we go all around NYC trying out the BEST kosher restaurants, seeing all the usual New York hot spots, and seeing a unique perspective of the Jewish culture in NY that you never knew about!

Part II: National Yarchei Kallah

Wednesday Evening – Sunday

On Wednesday evening our Regional group meets up in the hotel with hundreds of other Jewish teens from all around the country for a few amazing days of programming, world-renowned speakers, unbelievable New York 5 Star meals, great hotel rooms, impacting discussion groups, and time to meet LOTS of new people.